Ross Creek Ledge

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  • Color:    Tan and brown with charcoals on inner veins of rock.
  • Size:     Standard size is 2 inch to 8 inch with bulk of product being 4-6 inch.
  • Thickness:    Materials are .75-1.5 inch thick
  • Shape:      Standard shape is 75 percent squares and rectangles and 25 percent random materials
  • Profile:    Ledge with some jumper material built in.
  • Weight:     13-15 pounds per square foot.
  • Packaging:    Built on a 40 by 40 pallet stacked to 38-44 inches tall.
  • Square footage:      200 square feet to a pallet of material

Standard Installation practice:

  • Product traditionally is installed with a ½ inch grout line. 
  • Can also be laid tight as a rustic ledge.
  • Can be sealed for additional color.
  • Product will not bleed any rust