Landscaping Bark

Top Quality Beautybark for Sale & Delivery

Landscaping bark adds charm, ambiance, and protection to your landscape investment. Bark is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to punch up your landscape design. When properly applied, it can also decrease water use and protect your soil and plants from erosion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bagged bark from the Big-Box stores any good?

You certainly can get bagged landscape bark from the Big-Box competitors, but some products bearing the name are not the quality you would want.

It’s best to trust the landscaping experts here at Daniel's Landscape Supplies.

How much Beauty Bark do I need?

How much landscaping bark you will need depends on the area you are covering and to what depth. You can use our materials calculator to get a rough idea.

It's recommended to lay bark from 2-4" inches (50-100mm) deep. Finer barks can be laid at about 2" deep, while coarser barks such as bark nuggets should be about 3-4" deep.

You can always ask us for help.

What is landscaping bark used for?

Landscaping bark adds protection and beauty to your landscape project or design. It can deter soil erosion, keep roots cool/warm, and lesson the need for weeding.

Add Beauty with Landscaping Bark

Adding landscaping bark to your yard or project keeps it looking fresh and is an inexpensive way to add some variety and eye appeal. 

We can deliver beauty bark to any home or commercial project location in our service area, or you can schedule a pickup when it's convenient for you. See some of our bark selections here, or visit our Outdoor Showroom to check it out in person.

Landscaping Bark Do's & Don'ts


  • Install at least 3" of bark to keep plants happy in both the summer and winter.
  • Use landscaping bark to accent your home or commercial project. There are a variety of colors and textures that will match your design.
  • Add bark at the right time. The best time to add bark is in early spring after frost. Once you've done your clean-up, apply a nice layer of bark to finish it off.


  • Don't volcano or pile bark around tree trunks. It can cause pests and diseases.
  • Don't use too little or too much bark. Apply at the right depth to keep plants happy.
  • Don't ignore bare soil. Covering bare soil can halt erosion by 500%.
  • Don't use poor quality bark from an unreliable source as it can contain noxious weeds.
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Beauty Bark adds curb appeal and keeps plants healthy.

Landscaping Bark Tips

  • Pull up weeds and lightly cultivate the area. If the area is soggy or mossy, remove the top layer by digging down 1-2" inches before placing the bark.
  • Keep the bark about 6 inches back from any plant stems or tree trunks.
  • Spread the bark loosely so it creates a layer about 3" deep.
  • Water the bark down thoroughly after you spread it.
  • Inspect and add more bark as needed to keep your landscape looking fresh and plants healthy.

Need Help?

We're here to help. If you still have questions about picking the right products for your project or choosing the right amount, reach out.