Landscape Gravel

Bulk Gravel in All Styles & Colors

Whether you need gravel for decoration or construction, Daniel's Landscape Supplies has you covered. We provide exceptional quality at affordable prices.  Our inventory of gravel lets you get your walkways, woodland patios, and French drains started and finished. Whatever your gravel needs, we can deliver or reserve for pick up.  Don't know what you need? Stop into our outdoor showroom and talk to our landscaping experts.

Daniel's offers a selection of decorative and building gravel that will give your landscaping the feel that you or your client wants: pea gravel, slate chips, or river.  Our selection will help you create the custom-finished look you're going for.

How much does bulk gravel cost?

The cost of bulk gravel depends on what kind you need and how much you need.

Use can use our materials calculator to determine how much you need.

How much area does a ton of bulk gravel cover?

If you're covering at the recommended 2" inches of depth, one ton of gravel will cover about 100 square feet of area.

How do I calculate how much bulk gravel I will need?

To get an idea, you can use our materials calculator, or you can multiply the total number of inches for the gravel depth by the total square feet or area.

You can always ask us for help, as well.

How deep should I lay bulk gravel?

It is recommended to lay gravel to about 2" inches or 50 mm of depth.

Do I need landscape fabric under bulk gravel?

Yes. Using landscape fabric is highly recommended. The fabric keeps weeds from growing and keeps the rocks from sinking into the soil bed.

Landscaping Gravel Protects Your Investment

Landscape gravel lasts far longer than mulch, bark, or straw and provides long-lasting performance and beauty to outdoor spaces.

Construction gravel, the kind used for masonry and drainage, provides footing and stability for many types of landscaping projects.  Without using gravel as the foundation for your projects, it won't last as long.  The team at Daniel's Landscape Supplies can help you choose the perfect gravel type and size for your project.

Save Big on Your Gravel Cost

Purchasing your landscaping gravel in bulk saves you money and hassle. Don't waste your energy and spend more on pre-bagged gravel.  Buying in bulk is better for the environment, for your bank account, and saves on your bottom line material costs.

Our inventory enables you to choose what you need and get it delivered or schedule a pick-up to save time on those large-scale or commercial projects.

Check to ensure you're in our service area and then reserve the materials you need. If you have questions, we're here to help.

landscape gravel delivery
Our assorted gravel selection allows you to find a style that matches your project.

Need Help?

We're here to help. If you still have questions about picking the right products for your project or choosing the right amount, reach out.