Decorative Landscaping Rock

Landscaping Stones Add Beauty & Style

Natural landscaping stones add style and unmatched beauty to every outdoor landscaping project.  Decorative landscape rocks are one of the most sought-after looks in both commercial and home landscape design.

Our wide variety of stones will give your home or project a personalized rustic elegance that can't be exactly duplicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy landscaping rocks in North Idaho?

With the beauty and nature that surround us in the Coeur d'Alene, Rathdrum, Post Falls, and Spokane areas, you can find rock available in the forests or public lands. However, this means hauling heavy stones distances.

At Daniel's Landscape Supplies, we offer a large selection of landscaping rocks that will help you complete any landscaping project.  Check our service area, and most likely, we can deliver them right to your door

What landscaping rocks are the least expensive?

Typically, crushed granite is the least expensive landscaping rock available for purchase.  It may or may not be the right option for your design.

Contact our landscaping experts with any questions, we can help you choose the best rock for your project.

How much do landscaping rocks cost?

This depends on the area you are covering and what type you choose.

You can always ask us for help. We're here to answer questions and set up delivery of the perfect rock for you.

Which is the best landscaping rock to choose?

The right landscaping rock to choose is the one that matches your design and the needs of your project.  

Contact us and we'll help.

Do you deliver?

All of our landscaping products are available for delivery.  You can set up delivery or reserve materials for pick up. Or contact us and we'll answer any questions and schedule for you.

Landscaping Rock Offers Timeless Beauty & Elegance

Daniel's Landscape Supplies landscaping rocks are specifically selected from surrounding areas to match our Northwestern environment. Many of our residential customers and commercial contractors even use landscaping rock within the home to bring a rustic and natural feel to the interior.

Landscaping stone is not limited to outdoor projects, they can be used for flooring, edging, stairs, steps, and even walls.

No matter how unique your idea, we can help make it happen.

Visit our Outdoor Showroom

Every landscaping rock type says something different. Each brings a different feel and ambiance to the location where it is placed.  Walkthrough our selection and see which variety speaks to you. We stock a large inventory of landscaping rocks to match the look you're going for, and we offer convenient delivery to your site or scheduled pickup for all our bulk stones.


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Decorative stone, boulders or drainage rock, we've got you covered.

Need Help?

We're here to help. If you still have questions about picking the right products for your project or choosing the right amount, reach out.