Landscape Sand

Buy Sand at the Best Prices from a Local Sand Supplier

Sand is one of the most common materials used in landscaping.  Sand provides an even, stable base that is needed for most projects.  Because sand is the foundation of almost every project, make sure that you buy quality sand that is right for your application.

What's Possible with Sand?

Different types of landscaping sand are critical components of many landscaping projects. Landscaping sand is used as the base material for laying paving stones and retaining wall blocks.

Sand is a versatile material that can also be in landscape applications as well as in the mixing of masonry cement and in horticultural applications as a soil amendment.

Buying Bulk Sand Gives You Top-Quality Results

Daniel's Landscape Supplies sells the highest-quality materials from trusted sand suppliers at affordable prices.

We offer you bulk sand prices instead of the overpriced bagged sand o the big-box stores.  This allows a lower cost and more options with the variety of sand types we carry: masonry sand, river sand and granite sand.

Spend less on the landscaping sand you need for your projects. Come see how much you can save on your commercial and home landscaping projects and ask our experts any questions you might have.

landscape sand delivery
Our landscaping sand selection is availble in bulk and on delivery.

No-Hassle Sand Delivery

We make it easy. As a convenient local sand supplier, we will bring the landscaping sand you need right to your home or job site.  No more having to haul and carry 50-lb bags yourself.  We make deliveries during all business hours and days, so you'll get your order right away.

Need Help?

We're here to help. If you still have questions about picking the right products for your project or choosing the right amount, reach out.